Drs Steve Rayner (DDV), Max Wilson and Robyn Woodward (Equivet), Francois Viljoen (DDV) Glen Laws (DDV)

August 2017 marked a change in staffing and service of two Darling Downs vet practices.

Darling Downs Vets, based at Bahram Training Complex, Westbrook and Oakey, has purchased the general veterinary practice of Drs Max Wilson and Robyn Woodward, Equivet Australia.

Max and Robyn will continue with their equine reproductive centre at Southbrook. Max said after 50 years as a vet he is looking forward to ‘semi-retirement’. He will instead concentrate on helping Robyn improve the services offered by the Equivet Breeding Centre, which focuses on artificial breeding (equine AI and embryo transfer).

Experienced equine veterinarian Dr Francois Viljoen has now joined the team at Darling Downs Vets and will continue to offer equine general practice and stud services from this new base.

Directors of Darling Downs Vets, Drs Steve Rayner and Glen Laws are pleased with this expansion. ‘General reproductive work has always been a vital component of our mixed veterinary practice, as is mare and foal medicine and surgery,’ Glen said. ‘We have nine vets on staff currently, with another to be recruited for the upcoming stud season’. Darling Downs Vets are pleased to welcome Francois and any new horse clients, saying that the transfer of services and records has so far proved to be without problems.